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Grimm – Highway of Tears Review

"It is about time Nick is a Grimm again. "
Adalind is one annoying character. Good thing she was only in one scene but now she and Viktor know exactly who took her baby. Unfortunately, this whole episode was full of one or two quick scenes like that. The pace moved too quickly and in one glimpse the clock turned from 9:00 to 9:52. The episode became un-enjoyable since it ended instantly. The only concentrated part of the episode was Nick's whole process of retrieving his abilities, which says everything else attached to this quintessential episode was meant to be dispensable. It really sucks because some of those dispensable moments were high points that were left in cracks. It is good news that Nick got his powers back but so much of his first seen Wesen, since last season, had an interesting background that we only got the surface of. So much attention was given on Nick and Juliette having sex. An enormous personal matter was known by even the captain. Yet, it was a comfortable situation. It was made a comfortable situation by implanting the idea that Adalind is still Juliette under and the end result was Nick back as a Grimm. He got his powers back in a nick of time (yes, pun intended). Between this and his death coma in Goodnight, Sweet Grimm a lot is being taken out of Nick. That has to take some kind of toll on his body which hasn't been seen yet. If anyone remembers an after effect of his death coma turned him stone cold dead when he slept. There has to be some effect because of this. Then, there was the connection between him and Adalind. Just because it was only seen in one episode and Nick got his powers back doesn't really mean the connection is broken. The linkage between the two will come in handy when the show reverts to rescuing the baby. grimm-highway-of-tears-02 Last weeks Cry Luison introduced the idea of Wesen from different nationalities. A positive aspect of the Wesen world and in this episode they continued in that path. The 1993-Super-Mario-Bros-Koopa-looking Phasingar is a Wesen from India who sacrifice in order to please Kali. As an extreme observer, there were many questions on the goddess Kali. After a search engine research on Kali, the reason behind the sacrifice is still an enigma. The book says the sacrifice of a young couple is meant to "placate" Kali but why? Does a sacrifice mean good harvest, wealth, rain etc.? The Phasingar father and sons own a junkyard, they are sacrificing a couple for nothing. Then there is the totem made out of car scrap metal that were left behind the capture locations. These Wesen made it very easy for the cops to sniff their trail. This further proves the episode was meant give the audience the back-to-normal Nick. Everything leading up to the capture of the Phasingar was just a trail Nick needed to follow in order to view Wesen. In hindsight that might be the reason why the only element that mattered about the Phasingar was that they were Wesen. While all of that was happening, here are the things the show rushed through. First is Monroe and Rosalee. They went on with they daily lives but in fear. If Nick is going to help them then they will need to know everything about this ancient organization and for something that is ancient there has to be something written about them. They are bound to do research at some point, unless a member of these organizations decides to make an appearance. Why not start the book reading research on this organization in this episode? Secondly, poor Josh left alone in Nick's house. In one scene Trubel is making him a sandwich and in the next she is at the spice shop taking care of Rosalee. By the look of that guy at the end, he is in no condition to stay alone. If they were just going to leave the man disregarded then they should have left him for another episode. Thirdly and finally is Elizabeth leaving. She has no idea where she is leaving but has made it a point to make contact when Nick hears from his mother and the baby. Then she drops a little bomb about the powerful witches hat. It is a good thing they give a recap at the beginning of every episode because these small clues get hidden. These characters were thrown into the mix and rushed over. The writer deliberately left out facts about Kali, then why not use that time to concentrate on these characters. Giving them each an additional scene would have slowed down the pace. grimm-highway-of-tears-04 All in all, Nick is finally standing on his two feet and won't need Trubel anymore. That left Trubel in an emotional state. She doesn't want to be alone and this brought out a nice emotion. It gets hard to read Jacqueline Toboni's character. Last week she had a very strong and hash aggression but this week its all holding back tears feeling. The writer really wants to confuse the audience about her character. It will make it harder to understand her if she does decide to join forces with Chavez. Leaving on a positive note, after six episodes Nick is not blind anymore. Final Thoughts • We have our Nick back. • Josh needs more attention than he was given. • Elizabeth is on a quest to take her granddaughter. • Other scenes that also made a tiny appearance: Chavez's minion is following Trubel and Adalind's annoying conversation with Viktor.
  • Nick
  • Phasingar
  • Rushed characters/scenes
  • Adalind


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