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Grimm- Marechaussee Review

It took them long enough to create a Wesen bounty hunter. It only makes sense this bounty hunter would work for The Council. This bounty hunter, played by Arnold Vosloo, turns out to be the venomous Manticore. The Manticore is half lion and half scorpion who kill its victims by sticking its scorpion tail into the chest. Still, it is kind of hard to feel sorry for The Council's victims. All, who have been callous, shameless Wesen, use their abilities to put fear or use others for their selfish reasons. Yet, The Council most likely opened up a can of worms by putting a target on Nick. But history has shown they will not be pursuing this for some time or even ever. So whatever beef Nick has with The Council or vice versa won't be showing up again. While Juliette looks for answers, she predictably did what I knew she would do when danger presented itself to her. Then, on the other side of trouble, is Adalind and Viktor's alliance to find the powerful baby, which was a thrown in scene since not much happened there. Overall, the only thing exciting about Marechaussee was the Marechaussee (bounty hunter). But as equally awesome as he was that is how dumb his death was. grimm-episode-04 Juliette needed to become a Hexenbiest to protect herself. What kind of Hexenbiest she has become or what her powers can do is beyond speculation, but she seems to be embracing it. She is growing mean and is enjoying her new powers. She has even made her first kill after embracing the Hexenbiest inside, which was a total let down. Using the Manticore's own stinger against him was something that Nick, Hank or even Wu could have done. With her ability to move objects and blowing people's heads off, something more was expected. Using her powers to use his stinger against him would have been a respectable way to defend herself. Her potential has not flourished yet and when she finally accepts herself, then will the audience see what Juliette has truly become. Till that moment, we will be stuck with these little stunts. Her abilities are more powerful and have someone like Henryetta impressed. If she is a new Hexenbiest, then Nick's Grimm blood won't be able to save her. Or maybe the writers think we have forgotten the little fact that a Grimm's blood can destroy a Hexenbiest without actually killing the person. I still believe Juliette is going to enjoy being a Hexenbiest, until her rage gets the best of her. Adalind and Viktor's mission will not a have a happy ending. After everything Adalind has done, I am almost wishing she isn't reunited with her daughter. But there will be an episode when she gets close enough to hold her. Viktor, on the other hand, might or might not get close enough to steal her. It can go either way with him. An unrealistic moment in this episode is how easy and fast Nick got a response from his mother. Sean Renard hires a private detective to find Nick's mother and all Nick has to do is send an email. It’s a bit confusing and will just make it easier for Viktor to find her. Baby Diana's powers are increasing, but can she protect herself? She might be capable of taking care of herself if Viktor puts her in danger. She did it in the womb, so it won't be a surprise if that is the route the writers will take the show. grimm-episode-01 But everyone's individual problem doesn’t live up to the bounty hunter. The Council should have plenty of bounty hunter soldiers behind their mission to kill all Wesen who don't follow the rules. Hiring bounty hunters is just as intriguing as the fact that there are still Wesen who reveal themselves to the regular people. But, Wesen should fear Vosloo as a Marechaussee. Vosloo wears the bounty hunter pants well, but they should have chosen a different Wesen for him. His face features are similar to a Siegbarste (an ogre). Instead of a Manticore, he would have made a better ogre. A Siegbarste is also difficult to kill, but probably won't be a good soldier. Still, the lion/scorpion look doesn't fit his human form. His death could have been planned a little better to give him an awesome exit. For being good at his job, this bounty hunter still made a mistake. He kept the evidence on his iPad. He must have really not cared if he got caught. Final Thoughts • Juliette is enjoying herself even though she says she doesn't want to be a Hexenbiest. • The Council pays bounty hunters to kill and really want Nick dead. • Adalind is still acting like a child and will meet Juliette's fist soon enough.
  • Juliette
  • Arnold Vosloo
  • Manticore
  • Adalind and Viktor


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