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Grimm – Octopus Head Review

"Trubel is in some serious trouble. "
Friday’s Grimm episode was a close call for Trubel. Continuing last week’s premiere, Trubel is hot on Octopus Head’s trail and Nick is just as useless. While Adalind becomes Viktor’s prisoner, one of his minions has taken Weston Stewards place. Wu isn’t letting it go, Juliette doesn’t want Nick’s powers to be restored and he is ALIVE! Captain Sean Renard has been revived by a two headed snake. It was an overall good show with a few more breadcrumbs. But, there was a major hole in the Octopus’ mission that was never filled. An insignificant memory might end up becoming a bigger deal later throughout the show. Octopus Head has been put away and now is haunted by one of Trubel’s memories. The Grimm’s power goes beyond strength and the ability to see, but there isn’t a clue to what about this new memory has the Octopus haunted. This stolen memory turns out to have been the thing that gave Trubel nightmares and now without it she can get a good night sleep. There is more to it and there is a reason why the Octopus was given the chance to live. Sole a prediction but he will return for another episode and give more insight to what that memory meant to Trubel. This is one breadcrumb that will get bigger as the season progresses. grimm-octopus-head-02 Another major and most definitely important breadcrumb is Viktor’s reason for initiating the plan to remove Nick’s Grimm powers. This reason grows a little deeper and could he have known the result of the linkage between Adalind and Nick? There is no telling until he reveals it himself but for someone who is as smart as Viktor I wouldn’t put it pass him. This connection between the two will help Viktor to uncover what he needs. The creepy man behind the wall has to be another of Viktor’s followers and he might understand what is happening to Adalind and Nick. One issue that isn’t much of a breadcrumb but more of a puzzle is Nick and Hank keeping the truth from Wu. Besides resentment issues, what harm can come from Wu finding out? This is only creating a slow and dreadful road for the viewer. His mission of knowing the truth and figuring out how Trubel is involved is taking us up and down a kiddy rollercoaster. Honestly, how much more can Wu freak out? There is no reason to keep him in the dark and this is just taking up the show’s precious time. The only problem in this week’s episode was Octopus’ mission. He was going through military intelligence members for a top secret and he was on his third victim before Trubel destroyed his mind. Now, I am not sure if anyone else was wondering but it was never revealed what this secret was and for who. This mysterious ‘who’ is kept hidden for a purpose and the value of military secrets was a hole in the storyline. Since Octopus is holding an important memory, he will show up another day and maybe this secret will come into focus. This could be larger than just another Wesen on an assignment. It took the writers two episodes on this Octopus and his path of destruction but not one episode revealed the truth. Grimm - Season 4 While it is understandable why Juliette wants Nick’s Grimm powers to be gone, the longer he is without it means danger for Trubel. The way this episode ended is proof that she can’t handle it alone. She knows what threat is ahead of her but there is so much more involved. The Royals being the main concern. Trubel is a well-liked character and Jacqueline Toboni does a fantastic job playing her (I for one would like to see more of her kicking Wesen butt) but Nick Burkhardt is the star of the show. And even Juliette’s selfish request will bring danger to her and Nick. Although, it should be noted that going through half a season with Trubel being the Grimm can be a refreshing change. Not saying it should be a permanent change but this could be a chance for Nick to take on different perspective. The writers are giving this character the opportunity to decide if that is really what he wants and also giving the viewer a different side of him—a non-Grimm side. Nick not having his powers could be good thing for his life and his life with Juliette. Again, Trubel can’t be the only Grimm in the fan’s life. Nick is needed and he needs to be his old self again. The mysterious blonde, who turns out to be the Captain’s mom, might be the key to bring Nick back to his Grimm ways. Grimm The captain’s mother is a character I am eager to see more of. There is still much mystery to her, especially since she was only mentioned in the past. For one thing, the Captain talked to her about Nick but not about her grandchild? She must have been MIA for awhile but she comes off as a friend, so next episode might expose more about her. Final Thoughts • Octopus showed a weakness and accessing memories takes a lot of energy. • The man behind the wall in Viktor’s prison is definitely creepy. • Grimm powers are more than his ability to see Wesen. • The captain’s mother is a more powerful Hexenbiest than Adalind.
  • Captain's mom
  • Adalind and Nick's connection
  • The man behind the wall
  • Trubel
  • Juliette's request
  • Wu in the dark
  • Octopus's mission


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