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Grimm – Thanks for the Memories Review

"More problems than the tentacles on the new Wesen"
Premiering season four of Grimm is Thanks for the Memories and quite an episode it was with two stories that conjoined till the end. Picking up where season three left off, Trouble had to face the aftereffect of decapitating the FBI agent that shot Captain Sean Renard. As Nick copes with not having his ability anymore, a new Wesen is stealing memories to gain secrets. That leaves Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee to investigate Adalind's curse and a way to reverse it. There is usually never an episode that leaves disappointment and this episode was proof of that. In this episode there were two main stories taking place that didn't connect until the end. First story is Nick and Trouble dealing with the FBI and the second is the octopus, memory stealing murderer. These stories were running on their own and that usually doesn't happen in Grimm, so there was a bit of frustration but it still flowed well. There wasn't a story that weighs more than the other since each was interesting on its own. The only problem is Nick is usually on top of it from the beginning of the storyline and this changed the momentum. As a result, the episode ended on a cliffhanger and will pick up in the next episode. There is a bit of worrisome since Nick has lost his ability to see Wesen. Could this loss of power lead to a new pattern every week? Will every episode leave in a cliffhanger? I sure hope not. The great thing about this show is the introduction of a new creature and with a storyline taking two weeks to finish, then that anticipation will get lost. grimm-thanks-for-the-memories-01 Although, the Wesen creature introduced in this episode has been created with the same perfection all the other creatures are created. It was disgusting with its red color and glossy top coat. The tentacles move like medusas snakes but are controllable. The show has a knack for placing the right actor with the creature within and that is the case in this episode. The creepy the character, the creepier the Wesen is and this actor screamed creep. So when it woged it was no surprise the creature beneath was an ugly looking thing. But don't judge it by its looks since the tentacles have the power to steal memories by puncturing holes in the back of the head. Yet, the four puncture wounds, deep and bloody, were as nasty as the creature itself. The octopus Wesen was something to expect from the show. Another positive in this episode was the captain's death. It is never a positive result about losing a lovable character but the outcome might be. It is clear his death is not something the King (his father) will be happy about and with Vicktor already framing Nick this will result in another battle between the royals and Nick. This will turn into something to look forward to. Like I mentioned before, it is never a positive thing to lose a loving character. Because the captain flatlined at the end of the show, there is still hope that he is not dead. The show will have an emptiness without him and I am one who hopes he will resurrect. Of course, he could be dead and the fans might need to mourn his death. When one character leaves, another emerges. Is this mysterious blonde a new character to take his place? Is she a friend or foe to Nick? Her face appeared broken up when the captain died but that is all that is known. grimm-thanks-for-the-memories--3 Now, a negative result from Nick losing his powers is Trouble being the only Grimm. It would be nice to see a woman take the charge but Trouble has been unpredictable in the past. She plunges to attack mode before asking question and this is the opposite of Nick. Her instinct of kill first and ask questions later could hurt a Wesen who is innocent. On the other hand, with Trouble under Nick's care there is a possibility she could learn his tactics an filter out the bad Wesen from the good. Another downside from Trouble being the only Grimm is Nick and Hank will need to rely on their detective skills. This could result in more to be continued episodes. With all the mess Adalind's revenge left behind, there is no telling what will happen to her. Adalind continues to let her emotions get the best of her and it never ends well with her. She will not be happy to know that the royals don't have her child and she was tricked into cursing Nick. But her faith will be revealed in the next episode and the royals aren't the merciful type so whatever her end result is there is one thing is for sure it won't be a pretty one. Final Thoughts • Trouble is the only Grimm and that might not be a good thing. • There isn't a clue to what the octopus Wesen is stealing. • A mysterious woman might turn into a new cast member. • There is a possibility of a counterattack from the royals.
  • Mysterious blonde
  • The outcome of the Captain's death
  • Monroe and Rosalee didn't get their honeymoon
  • Wu still doesn't know
  • Nick not getting his powers back


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