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Grimm – Trial By Fire Review

This week's Grimm had equally impressive elements. Someone from Nick's past returns, a Phoenix is heating things up, and Juliette put Adalind in her place. Really, the most interesting out of the bunch was Adalind getting dragged through that house by Juliette. This new Phoenix (Excandesco) is new even to the known Wesen. This mysterious Wesen brought up plenty of curiosity, but none were as important as the battle that was going to take place at the end of the show. Yet, Damien Barso's trail of fire led to an old friend, Peter Orson, which brought conflict with Monroe. But their ancient feud has been brought to a peaceful agreement. Again, nothing else outweighed Juliette and Adalind's face off. trial-by-fire-01 A common but necessary factor in each Grimm episode is the introduction and conclusion of a character. If a certain Wesen gets lucky to appear once again on the show, then we will get more information on them. While it might be understandable to avoid pouring useless facts about a new Wesen, there comes an interesting character that might need a little more. A Wesen unknown to other Wesen is an interesting character. It is a disappointment that the show doesn't have enough time to explore more about the Excandesco. Damien Barso, played by Teen Wolf's Gideon Emery, had been setting fires since he was a kid. As an adult, he offers his services to anyone who needs something to burn. The only information about this character is his childhood and adulthood. The Phoenix Wesen has been around since A.D. 64 and the only information Nick's books could say is, nothing can kill it. Putting the puzzles together and guessing, Barso could be the same Wesen encountered in Rome during A.D. 64. Common knowledge of the mythology of this bird is it's reborn from its ashes. If my guess work is accurate, then there aren't many Exandescos in the Wesen world—maybe none at all— and it make sense why Orson, a Baurschwein, didn't know what he was. Something so rare as this Wesen, it is sad it was unpredictably killed at the end. It seems the Wesenrein has taught Monroe—or should I say Rosalee— a thing or two about ancient hatred. Monroe had to experience hate in order to let go of the hate between Blutbad and Baurschwein. Of course, they met in the middle about their dispute, but it still showed the growth of Monroe and Rosalee. Orson also got a chance to redeem himself. Whether we see him or not, it is obvious he won't be spending his whole life in jail and might get an early leave. While Orson redeemed himself, there is betrayal about to meet Renard. As much as I wish to say it, it isn't a surprise. No one can be trusted when it comes to this special child. Everyone seems to want to get their hands on her and would most likely pay whatever it takes. Renard's private detective, Sam Damerov, is also working for Viktor. Throwing out a theory here, he could be a doubling back to Renard. The race has begun and who will get to the child first can be left up to anyone's guess. With the teaser of next week's episode revealing Adalind is pregnant again, will there be a sibling feud. Which one of the two will be more special and powerful, Renard's or Nick's baby? Of course, that is the next's episode problem. grimm-trial-by-fire-02 This week was the anticipated battle between the Hexenbiests: Adalind and Juliette. If only Adalind's non-Hexienbiest face was shown once finding out what Juliette has become. Her scared face still made up for it. Her smug face, whiny attitude, and deceitful actions has made her a character no one likes. Juliette putting her in her place was long needed. Adalind was blind sided which heightened the enjoyability of their battle. Juliette got to unleash more of her powers, which was something I expected during her struggle with last week's Manticore. The one thing that can be appreciated about their fight is that it wasn't a chick fight. Plenty of wall smashing and flying objects went on to turn it into a real Hexenbiest fight. For something long time coming, it is too bad it was left for the end of the episode. But now we have something to look forward to for next month's follow up episode. Now that Nick knows, how will he handle what his love has become? Final Thoughts - Renard is being betrayed. - Adalind got her butt kicked, dragged and smashed. - Juliette finally revealed her secret to Nick. - Barso might be the last of its kind.


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