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Grimm – Wesenrein Review

Grimm has the episode order all wrong. Friday's Wesenrein would have been a better fit to air before the break. If that was the case, then we would have needed to wait the whole break to find out what happened to Monroe. Still, the anticipation is there even if we waited a month or a week. This episode had the anticipation and suspension working for it. I'll admit that Monroe's fate is worrisome, Juliette's repressed anger is about to blow, and Rosalee's un-repressed anger will make her a badass. Also, did Juliette's dream have anyone else worried for a minute? Grimm It is a good thing Wu didn't make a big deal about finding out. The road of his suspicion was time consuming and I don't think I have the tolerance of him adjusting to the news. He really took it all in and rushed into action to help. We have been down this road with Hank and Juliette finding out, so it is fantastic we don't have to repeat the process with Wu. Now, only the future episodes will tell if Wu will be able to handle his newly discovered knowledge. Another good thing about Wu joining the team is this character is now a keeper. He could have been let go at any moment and Wu is too much of a lovable character for that to happen. Juliette's nasty joke of a dream was a suspenseful one. It was an obvious dream but the ruse was delayed for a little longer than it should have. There was enough suspension in Monroe's kidnapping than to add another load of Rosalee's death. Death of a beloved character is one of those scenes everyone wishes was just a dream. The dream death is done many times and only when the character is an important person of a show, is when those dream scenes are accepted. This dream death was an accepted one because the cast of Grimm are a lovable group. But, this dream of hers is an underline of a more serious problem. Juliette is turning into a Hexenbiest. Does that mean she has the urge to kill? It was common knowledge to fear a Hexenbiest, but past Hexenbiests have been more diabolical than fearful. Hopefully, Juliette demonstrates what to fear in a Hexenbiest. It is unfortunate that the best was left to the end; yet without that ending, suspension wouldn't have feet to stand on. Could Rosalee's fake death be a prediction of Monroe's death? Only the next episode will tell, but it is a scary thought. Monroe's certain predicament has shine a light on the discriminating group. As it turns out they aren't all tough bikers and there is a hierarchy. Like any hate group, they are ruthless and believe in what they think is right; especially, the two Riken brothers. They truly believe in their principles and devoted to those principles makes them dangerous. Monroe won't be able to make it out of there unless Nick and the gang rescue him. In the next episode will his trial begin and his fate decided. grimm-wesenrein-03 Monroe's situation will most likely bring rise to Rosalee. She has already shown her anger and next episode it will be unleash. It would add a new characteristic to this character and one the audience has never seen before. This sweet Rosalee might need to get her fur dirty with blood in order to save her husband. It is a nice touch and a perfect reason to add dimension to a character who has only been a helper up until now. Then there was the small glimpse of Nick turning pale, which is an obvious side effect from losing his power last season. Is that an effect that will make him dangerous or weak? It is certainly not the first time he has turned pale. That small scene didn't give us many answers, especially since no one saw him change. This could mean change for the meaning of a Grimm and change for Nick himself. It won't affect his relationship with Juliette since she is now a Hexenbiest. Wesenrein was an episode of anticipation and suspension but it was also a set up for the next episode. There are enough elements in this episode to give predictions for next Friday's Grimm. Let’s hope Juliette's crazy nightmare isn't one that comes true in the following episode or in the future. There is no doubt that Rosalee will show her animal side. Plus, we need to really worry about Monroe. There is much anticipation for the next episode, but that can also bring high hopes. It would be a shame if that episode doesn't live up &mdash or even higher &mdash to this episode. Final Thoughts • The curse on Nick has left Juliette a Hexenbiest, Nick a pale turning Grimm and a link between Adalind and Nick. • There is much anticipation for the next episode. • Rosalee will show a different side of her. • Wu finally knows and it is no big deal at the moment.
  • Juliette's dream
  • Suspension and anticipation
  • Rosalee
  • Wu knows
  • Adalind's thown in scene


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