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Guile is Next on Street Fighter V’s DLC Schedule

"Sonic Booms & Flash Kicks are back later this month"
Street Fighter V's latest DLC character is still slated for later this month, which is the return of one of the original world warriors Guile. Guile's trademark Sonic Boom and Flash Kick will be gracing the latest game along with some new tricks. fb_img_1460987035216-1024x576 One of his new moves, called Faultless Move, lets Guile move forward while keeping his charge for his iconic specials. We haven't seen it in motion yet, but on paper this could be a game changer for Guile players that have been playing him for years if not decades. His V-Skill, called Sonic Blade, enhances his Sonic Booms as a stationary projectile for more durability. The Sonic Booms don't end there because his V-Trigger, called Solid Puncher (strange name), lets him throw continuous Sonic Booms and can change the speed by various buttons. This reminds me of the infamous Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition bugs where Guile can fire booms both fast and slow. His critical art super is still the Sonic Hurricane and can be buffed up by his V-Trigger. A new stage reminiscent of Guile's Street Fighter II stage will also be out alongside him. The April update for Street Fighter V also finally address the raqequit issue players have been dealing with since the game's launch. Players that ragequit will be temporarily banned from online matchmaking. If it still happens consistently, then they will be locked out for a longer time. Capcom says that this system could be changed at a later time. Also slated for this update is improved matchmaking especially with Battle Lounges. Let's hope the trailer for Guile comes out sooner than later because Street Fighter fans definitely don't want an Alex situation happening again.


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