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Guilty Gear Xrd’s US Release Date Announced

Aksys Games has announced the US release date for Guilty Gear Xrd, the next installment in Arc System Works' fighting game series earlier today. While Japanese folks get the PS3 and PS4 versions get a couple weeks earlier, the US gets the highly anticipated fighter on December 16th. A new trailer is also available to watch below.

Guilty Gear Xrd has been out at Japanese arcades for a while now and a demo for Japanese Playstation Plus owners was released earlier this week on the PS4. The demo only features Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske playable and there's still no details whether or not this demo is also coming to the US before it's release. While this latest iteration still plays like Guilty Gear, Xrd is somewhat of a reboot for the franchise after numerous XX versions with it's new visual style that is very beautiful. It is also arguably going to be a bit more accessible for newcomers as well.
A limited edition was also announced for the US featuring the soundtrack, character book and a Sol Badguy belt buckle keychain. Guilty Gear Xrd comes out on December 16th for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 with cross play allowing both versions to play online against each other. If you want to see the game played at a higher level, check out this exhibition match from last month's Tokyo Game Show thanks to Mad Catz, who is also releasing a Xrd TE2 arcade stick sometime in the future.


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