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Hacking the Planet with Overwatch’s Sombra

"Hands-on with Overwatch's newest hero"
The latest update to Overwatch was a big one on all the platforms it's out on. Arcade mode is a new addition where you can play 3v3, 1v1 or full 6v6 matches with no limits. This is also where brawls are at now. The big change is in quick play where you can't have a team with repeat heroes like competitive play. If you want to have six Torbjorns running shop again, then arcade mode is your place for that. Along with a new map, balance changes for the existing heroes and season three of competitive coming soon, there's a new hero joining the action. overwatch-update-blizzard-admits-not-being-very-good-at-sombra-args Sombra is a new offensive hero that loves to hack. She can hack enemies preventing them from using their abilities and ultimates for a short time. In addition, turrets and health packs can be hacked so opponents can't use them for their benefit. Sombra's quick mobile options are her abilities such as invisibility and being able to move faster. Then there's her Translocator where throws a grenade-like device. If you press that ability button, she teleports to that grenade's location. Her invisibility is useful sneaking into enemy territory while her Translocator can get her out of trouble if used right. Lastly's Sombra's ultimate is an EMP where she launches an energy blast that has a wide radius hacking any opponents in range. With her mobile options and hacking enemies at range, Sombra has a hit and run playstyle. She is basically a more annoying Tracer if the playstyle is executed right. Her hacking range is decent as you have to be mid-range at best to hack enemies. She does need a healer around to keep her alive since she has no self-healing ability. However, EMPing an entire team with another hero's ultimate is pretty satisfying especially when going for a win. Now I'm just imagining an EMP with Mei's Blizzard or Zarya's Gravitional Surge ultimate. That's a play of the game worth showing instead of Bastion triple kills. overwatch-sombra-1-1-1280x720 So far, I'm liking Sombra a lot in Overwatch. She is very dangerous in the right hands and on a good team that has a gameplan. Her hit and run playstyle is very effective especially if you're on point with hacking and moving out of harm's way. She does get taken down pretty quickly if you play reckless. Blizzard still manages to keep shaking up the game well whether it is the character balance or mode changes. Quick play having no more hero stacking sucked at first, but it's the right call to see more proper matches than teams messing around. Will we see Christmas-themed skins next month like their Olympic or Halloween ones? Who knows but I hope the next new hero is a completely different spin on the tank class. In the meantime, Sombra is out now along with the latest update for Overwatch on all it's platforms.


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