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Halo 4’s War Games Pass Detailed

Halo 4 is out in less than two weeks and despite the game being leaked recently, Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries announced the details for its War Games Pass today. This is basically Halo 4's season pass as it contains three map packs that are coming out in December, February, and April for 2000 Microsoft Points, or $25. This is a 15% discount that also includes an unique emblem and bonus in-game helmets.

The Crimson Map Pack out in December contains three maps. Shatter takes place at an alien moon, Wreckage is set during a battle between two civilizations, and Harvest takes place at a human colony. Three more maps will be released in February with the Majestic Map Pack, which are Monolith, Landfall, and Skyline. Lastly, there is the Castle Map Pack in April with another three maps: Outcast, Perdition, and Daybreak.

The gameplay launch trailer that was released yesterday is below as Halo 4 is coming out exclusively for the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012.


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