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Halo’s Arbiter is Killer Instinct’s Latest Fighter

"Season 3's second guest character finally shown off."
After being teased at the Killer Instinct World Cup last month in the Kim Wu reveal trailer, we finally have a longer glimpse of Halo's Arbiter, the latest fighter announced for Season 3 that is launching sometime in March. The new trailer featuring a Halo themed stage can be seen below. The Arbiter has his patented Halo moveset from energy sword attacks, Carbine blasts and plasma grenades, but no specific gameplay details have been revealed yet which I'm sure Iron Galaxy will demonstrate in a future stream. They did a great job showing off the Season 3 balance changes and Kim Wu last month at the KI World Cup. Killer Instinct now has two guest characters with Rash from Battletoads and now Arbiter from Halo. Kim Wu and Tusk from KI2 are also slated to return in Season 3, but who knows about the rest of the new characters for now. Season 3 launches next month for Xbox One and PC with cross buy and play support.


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