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Harmonix Announces Kickstarter for Amplitude’s Return

Harmonix, the folks behind Rock Band and Dance Central as well working on the F2P shooter Chroma and Fantasia: Music Evolved, had a big announcement today. This announcement had fans wondering if it was another new original IP or returning to their roots. Turns out it was the latter with in a way not a lot of people expected. One of their earlier games they worked on is coming back, which is Amplitude, but it is up to a Kickstarter campaign for the game to actually happen. This new Amplitude is a successor to the prior games, but now on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. If you're wondering why it would be coming to those consoles, Sony still has the rights to the IP and plus the original games were on the Playstation 2. Frequency and Amplitude were critically acclaimed and cult classics at the time they came out despite lackluster sales. It was something different for the rhythm genre back then when Dance Dance Revolution and it's various spinoffs/competitors dominated the scene. The original team behind those games will be back on this project if it meets the $775,000 goal on Kickstarter that ends on May 23rd. Pledgers can get a free code, even early access to the game, and even a visit to the Harmonix offices. More details along with video explaining the project and your chance to pledge is on their Kickstarter page. Harmonix are the not the only popular developers that has turned to Kickstarter to fund a new game project. Double Fine has found success on the premier crowdfunding website with Broken Age and other games they recently released. Is the goal too much for a limited time and can Harmonix meet it? Let us know in the comments below.


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