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Harvest #2 – Advanced Review

A.J. Lieberman keeps us in the past during this issue.  He only has a five issues to tell his story and so he uses this one to finish telling us the story of how Dr. Dane came to work for the Jason and why he decides to quit. It also features a return of the Yakuza members from the first issue.

Lieberman is doing his best to create a world that contains shades of grey.  One way in which he’s doing this is contrasting Jason and the Yakuza.  They both hired Dr. Dane to do surgery illegally, but they both seem to see things very differently.  Their interactions with the doctor are very telling.  Additionally, while all of Jason’s clients are rich people who want to jump to the top of the transplant list, some of them have more noble reasons than others for getting the surgery.

Dr. Lieberman’s conscience appears to be represented by, unless I misunderstood part of the last issue, the son of the woman who died under his watch.  It’s an interesting choice because if the doctor was to be believed in the first issue, he wouldn’t have been able to save her even if he hadn’t been under the influence of drugs. 

If this issue has one weakness it’s that the reason for Dr. Dane turning on his employers is ever so slightly muddled.  From the way that Jason acts in a key scene, Dr. Dane should have known something was up.  But until his kiddie conscience tells him to return to the OR he doesn’t see anything wrong.  Additionally, I don’t quite understand how the final page reveal was kept a secret from Dr. Dane during the previous surgery or even the exact reasons it happened.  However, it’s just a tiny bit that I’m missing and it only just barely detracts from the story.  

Colin Lorimer continues do a stellar job on the art in this issue.

My recommendation:  Pick this up when it comes out next Wednesday.  If you can’t get to a comic shop or your comic shop doesn’t carry it then go get it on Comixology!  I can’t wait until the third issue!



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