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HBO Will Soon Have a Standalone Service

"HBO is finally on the right track, maybe. "
Do you love HBO’s shows but won’t pay for an expensive cable subscription that include channels you don’t even watch? Well good news, HBO will be releasing a standalone streaming service next year. This will permit costumers to access its shows through an online-only streaming without the need of a cable subscription. CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler, announced Wednesday, during a Time Warner investor meeting, that “it is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO.” The new plan will most definitely bring down the barriers since HBO admirers will get to pay for HBO only. hbo-standalone-02 The stand-alone service will be different from HBO Go, which requires cable service. During a time when most people would rather subscribe to Netflix or Hulu than pay for a bundle TV package, this news couldn’t come at a better time. Especially with its popular shows such as Game of Thrones that was labeled the most pirated show in 2013. The price of the new service is still unknown.


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