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Ibuki Announced for Street Fighter V

"Latest DLC character is another returning one from 3rd Strike"
Fresh off the Combo Breaker tournament last night, Capcom finally announces the next DLC character for Street Fighter V. Ibuki from the SFIII and SFIV series makes her return in the latest iteration with a new outfit, stage and tricks. The reveal trailer for her can be seen below. While we don't know yet if her vortex playstyle from the Street Fighter IV games is back, she does retain her special moves and gain new tricks. One of the big changes with her is that her kunais are limited now, so she has restock on them if she runs out, but her biggest addition is her bombs as her V-Trigger. Bombs can be activated right away or after a delay. Since she's already a mixup heavy character from past games, bomb setups have the potential to be pretty nasty when players spend some time in training mode labbing it up. Along with Ibuki, a new stage will be released as well which is a daytime version of the Kanzuki Estate stage called Estate at Noon. Capcom didn't announce a date when Ibuki will be out last night, but she¬†might be playable at WSO Sessions in Capcom's UK headquarters tomorrow. Plus since today is the second to last day to May, my guess is that she will be up at the end of the week. June is still the big month for Street Fighter V with the story mode expansion and who knows if more will be announced at E3 as well.  


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