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Iconic Characters Joining Girl Meets World

"Mr. Plays With Squirrels "
"Feeny, Fe he he henny!" Uncle Eric is on his way to meet his "niche" but he is not the only one, hardcore Boy Meets World Fans. You will all be happy to hear that along with Eric Matthews, Topanga and Cory will be welcoming Mr. Feeny and many more. girl-meets-world-cast-02 IGN announced Will Friedle and William Daniels will be playing their iconic roles for season two of Girl Meets World. If the writer gods love us then we will hear the Feeny call once again. Friedle will be joining the cast for an episode titled "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels" according to a tweet sent by one of the shows writers. Maybe, Mr. Squirrels will be bringing along his moose wife. But, don't go anywhere just yet! If you can't seem to wait until the new season, the show is giving the audience a holiday gift. For Girl Meets World holiday special the world will get to meet the grown up Joshua Matthews. Joining him will be Cory's parents and long lost best friend Shawn. Fans of the Boy Meets World spinoff may have already seen old faces surfaces on the show. Old faces such as nerdy friend Minkus and the big bully Harvey "Harley" Keiner. The holiday special will premiere on Friday, December 5 at 8:30.


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