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Image Comics Continue to Sell Out

I’ve mentioned more than once that Image Comics is really doing well this year.  They are continually selling out of their issues and so here are three books that will be having reprints soon.  

Harvest #1, which I reviewed here, is getting a second printing 19 September.  If you somehow missed out on getting Harvest #1, this is your chance! And make sure you pick up #2 on 5 September unless you want to be missing out on one of the best mini-series of 2012.

I haven’t been reading Revival, but it seems like I should be.  Both issues #1 and #2 sold out.  In fact, issue #1 had a second printing which sold out as well!  Issue #1 will have a third printing and #2 will have its second printing - both coming out on 19 September which is also the day #3 comes out.

I’ve been reading Saga although someone else had been reviewing it for Player Affinity.  This book by Brian K Vaughan has been amazing so I’m not surprised that every issue so far has had at least one reprint.  Issue #1 is on its fifth reprint and the most recent issue, #6 will be getting a reprint on 12 September.  BKV announced the book will be taking a 2 month hiatus to make sure Fiona Staples can have a break on the amazing work she’s been doing for the book.  If you haven’t heard about it until now, don’t worry because the first trade, collecting issues 1-6 will be out on 10 October.


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