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Impressions of Dishonored’s Latest Trailer “Daring Escapes”

One of the most talked games at E3 this year and most anticipated for this holiday season is Dishonored, a first-person action adventure published by Bethesda and developed by Arkane Studios. Arkane was previously known for PC RPG Dark Messiah: Night & Magic. Some of its staff also worked on the Deus Ex games and Half-Life 2. They launched the latest trailer and a first of a gameplay video series today, called “Daring Escapes.” This trailer focuses on how certain hit and run tactics that are useful to you when it comes out on October 9. The most critically acclaimed feature in Dishonored is the freedom of choice and playability in multiple situations. Players play as Corvo, a professional assassin with supernatural powers, and they can approach this game without killing anyone or go guns blazing against the opposition to complete missions. They have a variety of tools that can address every situation from making a group by enemies sleep by certain arrows to get away, face them head on with your sword, and many more yet to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The first tactic shown in the video below is the long jump where Corvo has a grapple-like power, which can be another way to say triple jump, to transverse from one area to another to escape hairy situations. “Sleep Tight” allows Corvo to slow down time and aim with his crossbow at enemies to make them fall asleep by arrows as I mentioned earlier. He later carries a guard to a dumpster to avoid suspicion by other guards to make his getaway to the river. Lastly, there is “Chain Possession,” as this is more of an “in your face” approach compared to the other two especially when Corvo can possess another enemy to his advantage. He was able to take control of one of the guards for a limited time to increase his chances of getting away from the situation by a shorter route. Enemy possession from what I seen so far is looking to be one of the more useful options you’ll use a lot in Dishonored.

The options seen in Dishonored’s “Daring Escapes” are some of many routes players can decide to go with due to how much freedom Corvo has as its disposal. Games like these do show that you’re only limited to your imagination and you’re not forced to rely on one idea to get from point A to point B. The trailer is below if you want to see it in action and there’s more gameplay videos by Bethesda and Arkane in the coming weeks before its release. Dishonored is still slated to come out on October 9 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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