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Introducing Orisa, Overwatch’s Robot Tank Hero

"Blizzard's teased hero makes her premiere"
Several weeks ago, Overwatch introduced kid prodigy Efi Oladele, a savant in robotics. She hinted at a project that she kept under wraps, but would reveal shortly. As now seen on Overwatch's website, Orisa, a new tank hero, joins the fray for players to try.

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Initial Impressions: Gameplay

Orisa's abilities, as reportedly intended by Blizzard, put her at the frontline. The majority of her abilities focus on crowd control and debilitating opponents. Only two abilities help her defend herself and others. Given the descriptions of these abilities, Orisa comes off as a mish-mash of other heroes. She deploys a barrier similar to Reinhardt, though it is immobile. Her "Halt!" ability drawls parallels to Zarya's ultimate, and her primary weapon functions much like D. Va's. As a result, Orisa appears well-suited both an offensive and defensive tank. Her similarities to more than one hero will require players to experiment with their own playstyles to maximize her potential. Likewise, Orisa's most synergetic teammates will manifest as players explore new strategies.

Overwatch Lore: Numbani's Guardian

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvm0of3iDUU[/embed] For those invested into Overwatch's minimalist lore, Orisa adds more intrigue to the Omnic's story. The result of Efi's retrofits, Orisa originally served as part of Nigeria's OR15 line of defense robots. Following the Omnic Crisis, the OR15s briefly served as part of the defense force before finding themselves in the scrap pile. Her story specifically mentions Doomfist as the reason for their decommission, continuing speculations as to the appearance of this oft-mentioned Overwatch member. Orisa herself is stated to be a month old, following Efi's refits to her system. Her trademarks include optimism and a willingness to learn, contributing to a generally positive (if not checkered) background to all of Overwatch's robotic cast.


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