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J.J. Abrams Unveils the X-Wing for ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

In conjunction with "Star Wars: Forces for Change", a fundraiser that benefits UNICEF, Abrams posted a video where he is standing in front of the famed spacecraft. xwing 4 In the video posted to the Omaze donations page, Abrams details the benefits of making a donation to his charity. Donators have the chance to win a set visit and a spot in the movie, as well as chances to win an advanced private screening of Episode VII in their home town. Using the popular tiered donation structure, benefits include everything from a Thank You Card from Abrams himself ($40 donation), to a lightsaber ($5,000 donation) and go all the way up to a private screening with 20 friends ($50,000 donation - separate from the contest). XWing5 As Abrams talks in the video, the camera pans out, and we catch a glimpse of the X-Wing sitting outside of a soundstage in London. As we see more and more of the craft, we notice that it is extremely weathered, and does not seem to have its trade mark "X" wing configuration. While some have speculated the absence of the X-Wing configuration likely denotes it as a different fighter, the Official Star Wars Twitter account confirms its X-Wing Status. X-wing 2 Abrams has really used social media to the fullest in promoting the new Star Wars reboot. Unlike a lot of directors who shy away from "spoilers" and leaked images, Abrams preempts any possible leaks, and fuels the fire himself. An incredibly efficient and low-cost marketing technique (on a film that does not really have the need much advertisement), Abrams is using the proliferation of social media to not only bolster his movie, but his own image as a "man of the people". Abrams has taken this a step further to promote mass charitable giving, in a rare partnership between a film currently in production, and charity. Visit the Omaze page and donate for your chance to be a part of modern movie history (and do a little good).


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