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Jack Tretton Steps Down as SCEA’s CEO

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced shocking news today as Jack Tretton will be stepping down as President and CEO by the end of this month. Tretton and SCEA agreed to not renew their contract through a mutual agreement.
Starting on April 1st, the new president and CEO will be Shawn Layden, the current COO and Executive Vice President of Sony Network Entertainment International. Layden has worked for Sony for over fifteen years, so if there is anyone that will take Tretton's place, it would be him.
Tretton has been instrumental with the Playstation brand's success for a few years and often the voice during Sony's E3 press conferences. One of his more memorable moments during E3 has to be last year's announcements concerning used games and DRM for the Playstation 4, to which the crowd cheered loudly because of Microsoft's previous stance on them for the Xbox One.

Tretton's farewell message to the Playstation community can be found here in the Playstation Blog. Any other memorable Jack Tretton moments on his tenure at Sony you want to share? The comments below are available for to recall his highlights at various E3 conferences and interviews.


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