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Jak and Daxter Collection to Distribute Games Digitally in Separate Pieces

Regardless of my opinions on the state of HD Remakes, the fact remains that this Tuesday (the 7th), the newest HD Collection pack will release in the form of the Jak and Daxter Collection.  This seems to make sense, as the Jak and Daxter series is fairly highly regarded, and there is a high likelihood that stores will sell a lot of copies. 

But the interesting part to me comes in the way that they have decided to distribute the game.  As per usual, there will be a disc out in stores that one can buy for $39.99 that includes Jak 1, 2, and 3, but there is also going to be a digital distribution that will make it so that you can download any and all of the three games separately, which means that if you didn’t care for the third but really enjoyed the first two, you can download the first two onto your console and completely bypass the disc.

The only thing that has not been revealed about this deal is the price points that they will sell the separate games at.  With the disc costing $39.99, the price for each game would have to be $13.33, but since this is such an odd price point, I doubt that they would do this.  If I were to guess, each game will be $15, that way, if you only liked 2, you don’t have to pay the full $39.99, but this alienates those who want all three but do not want a physical disc, because they would be paying $5 than the retail price.  Regardless, this is a very unique step, and I personally think that this is a great move if HD Collections are here to stay.       


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