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Jet Set Radio to Release on XBLA and PSN

The Jet Set franchise has been one that has been fairly highly regarded by fans, so it should not come as too much of a surprise that Jet Set Radio will soon be blading (pardon the pun) onto Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStaion Network in the near future.  Radio joins the list of Sega games that have seemed to make their way onto the current gen downloadable spheres, but unfortunately, most of the information known about the release ends there.

The source of this came from a recent video that Sega uploaded onto YouTube, which can be found here, and the amount of information that is given is minimal to say the least, but will definitely quench the thirst of those longing for a rerelease.  Because the news itself ends there, I would like to now try to engage in a discussion as to whether a roller blading game will still play within the current generation of consoles.  Jet Set Radio came out in 2000, and things have changed quite a bit since its release.  Do you think that it will end up being a big hit for Sega, or do you think that rereleasing such a game is only pandering towards the previous fans, and the gameplay does not hold up with current times?


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