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Jupiter Ascending no more until 2015

jupiter-ascending-trailer Bad news out there for fans of Channing Tatum or the Wachowski Siblings. Warner Bros. has pushed back the release date for Jupiter Ascending from July 13 all the way to the movie dumping grounds of February 2015. The Hollywood Reporter cites that the official reason for the delay is special effects. hb3linruc6cl024irwsm The film, written and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski, stars Mila Kunis as Jupiter, a down-on-her-luck nobody who is fated to inherit Earth (yes, the whole planet). An engineered hunter played by Tatum arrives to ensure her safety and reveal her destiny. The last minute rescheduling of the sci-fi pic hopefully will not reflect poorly on the film. Jupiter Ascending has actually been generating pretty positive buzz. The real culprits lie elsewhere. As it appears, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow and Adam Sandler’s Blended have both underperformed at the box office. There’s plenty of speculation that in an effort to curb losses, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to push back Jupiter Ascending until next year. You can read more on Warner Bros. woes over at The Hollywood Reporter.


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