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Just Add Water teases Hand of Odd

While it was sort of confirmed but mostly just rumoured months ago Oddworld: Hand of Odd; the long delayed fifth title in the Oddworld franchise is indeed being developed by the studio now responsible for updated steam re-releases of the first four titles along with a full HD overhaul of the last game Stranger’s Wrath which released on PS3 late last year.

While I personally felt the series lost much of its charm and fun after entering the realm of 3D graphics I’m still very excited to see the next that for many years now was long presumed dead due to the semi-shutdown status of the original creators Oddworld Inhabitants.

Venture over to this teaser site and you’ll see the games logo, with the domain being registered by Just Add Water we can assume we’ll get to the see it in some capacity sometime this year, likely being revealed at E3.

Adding further to the excitement of Oddworld fans is also the ongoing rumour or assumption at this point that the first three games would also be getting similar HD treatments and eventually make their way to both PC and 360 along with Strangers Wrath HD but their hasn’t been any word on those in a while now.   

Overall I’m mainly just happy that their exists people who are as big of fans of this series as I was growing up and continue to be and I can only hope all this work on JAW’s part eventually leads in to a full on revitalisation of the Oddworld games for the next generation of consoles, bringing with them new experiences we can only imagine as the setting and premise of the games always seemed like it had the capacity to go far beyond the standard conventions of game story, world and interactivity design though admittedly I’m just fan-geeking out at this point.


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