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Justice League #4 to have second printing

DC has announced that Justice League #4 is going back to the press for second printing.  It will be available on 29 February.  They also mentioned that Justice League #1 is going to have its sixth printing available on 15 February.  This has been a pretty amazing run for the flagship title of the New 52 initiative.  The question is what lesson the publishers should take from this colossal feat of sales?

On the one hand it could be seen as the  fruits of putting fan-favorite creators Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on a book features all of the classic DC characters.  On the other hand it could be seen as a reason to pointlessly renumber comic seriies at #1 again.  Number one issues tend to sell very well and Marvel has certainly been shameless in releasing #1s without a cohesive reason like the New 52.  We can hope, however naively, that it wil be the former lesson they learn and not the latter.


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