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Karin Returns in Street Fighter V

"Another of Alpha 3's popular characters is finally back for SFV"
Fresh off announcing newcomer Rashid at Dubai last weekend, my prediction was right as Capcom indeed had another character reveal ready for Street Fighter V at Tokyo Game Show, which started today. Just like Rainbow Mika, one of the series' highly requested characters is finally back in this sequel and her name is Karin Kanzuki. Karin's trailer is available to watch below.

Karin's only appearances were in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Capcom Fighting Evolution. She loves to mix in strings and throws high or low along closing the distance easily with her new dash. Her V-Skill is a palm strike that can negate projectiles from afar and knock down opponents while gaining meter for her V-Trigger. Speaking of her V-Trigger, that's where the party begins for Karin players as her "rekka" combinations from her previous outings are back and easier to pull off. The follow-ups no longer more fireball motions other than the initial hit and they range from a low ender, overhead, throw and even a back dash to bait opponents if they attempt to counter back.
Capcom also shared some details about the Capcom Fighters Channel for Street Fighter V. This online feature allows players to assign rivals, check out detailed stats for themselves and other players that can be followed, view replays and also check the latest on the tournament scene. Hopefully we'll see some of this in action in the next online beta phase along with more characters testing out cross platform play between the PS4 and PC versions. Now with twelve of the planned sixteen characters announced, I'm curious who makes it to this beta phase, but I have a feeling not all of them will be in it.
Now with Karin finally back in Street Fighter V, four are left to be revealed as speculation is currently at two returning characters and two more newcomers. Let us know who you think who's next to be announced in the comments below.


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