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Ken Bald at Baltimore Comic-Con

Stan Lee isn’t going to be the only comic book legend at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con.  Artist Ken Bald is going to be there as well.  Ken Bald was at Marvel before it was called Marvel.  In the 1940s when it was called Timely Comics he illustrated Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Blonde Phantom, Destroyer and Miss America.  He also co-created Sun Girl and drew the first appearance of Namora, a female version of Namor, the Sub-Mariner.  

Ken also worked for Fawcett Comics on many characters, some of whom eventually became DC Comics characters, such as Captain Marvel, Captain Midnight, Bulletman & Bulletgirl, and Spy Smasher.  

Baltimore Comic-Con takes place 8-9 September this year at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Be sure to follow Player Affinity for your Baltimore Comic-Con coverage as I will be there at the show getting the latest scoops and interviews with many of the hottest writers and artists.


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