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Killer Instinct’s New Developer Announced, Fulgore Out on April 9th

Originally going to be released at the end of this month, Killer Instinct's last character for season one, Fulgore, will finally be available on April 9th. In addition to one of the franchise's beloved characters making a return, arcade mode and lobbies will be also out on the same day. Arcade mode in the new Killer Instinct will show off the storyline for the first time and online lobbies seem to be similarly implemented from other fighting games that have the same feature. Fulgore's trailer is available below to watch as the moves from previous games such as his uppercut, lasers, teleports, and more are back and better than ever.

The bigger news for Killer Instinct fans is what is next for the game with season two. Since Amazon recently acquired Double Helix Games, but Double Helix was able to finish development for what is out on April 9th, Microsoft had to find a new developer for the next season and turns out they got the right developer from previous fighting game experience for the job. Iron Galaxy Studios, developers of Divekick and online ports of Capcom fighting games, are now the new developers for Killer Instinct and they're excited to take the reigns.
Iron Galaxy had to visit Double Helix earlier this month to get familiar with the HexEngine and other development tools. Double Helix has been kind throughout this process of transition to a new developer for their game they started on and they're also excited for Iron Galaxy to take the game to new heights. As far as characters and other features are concerned for season two of Killer Instinct, it is still early to talk to about the content according to Iron Galaxy and they also said that they're not going to try to make the game go on a completely different direction. Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer has expressed excitement for Killer Instinct and wanted to keep this IP going for a while. He even is considering going to Evolution 2014, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, this summer if his schedule is free at that time.
Excited for what's next for Killer Instinct with Fulgore out next month and season two helmed by Iron Galaxy? Let us know in the comments below.


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