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Killzone 3 Multiplayer coming to PSN for Free

Sony has decided to release the multiplayer portion of Killzone 3 on PlayStation Network for free.

Anyone can play it up to a certain point - most likely a specific level cap, though they have not confirmed.  Upon reaching said threshold players can pay a mere $15 to gain access to the full multiplayer.  There are no prerequisite requirements whatsoever so in a way this also counts as both an extended demo and an alternate means of making money from the popular shooter which like all shooters can always use more players and this is certainly a smart way to entice newcomers.

I for one am surprised no one else has really done this yet and I can only imagine if this experiment proves successful Sony will consider doing such things with future releases.  Upcoming online shooter Starhawk, sequel to 2007s Warhawk could certainly benefit from a digital distribution option like this as well and it is quite likely this will become more common as gaming moves further and further in to being centred around digital online infrastructures.


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