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King of Fighters XIV Character DLC Out on April 5th

"Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa & Rock Howard Join the Cast Next Week"
Over the past few weeks, SNK has been rolling out character announcements for The King of Fighters XIV DLC. We already seen Whip, Vanessa and Yamazaki be official, but today's announcement of the final character was someone heavily requested. That's right, Rock Howard finally makes his return and surprisingly his mainline KOF debut. The trailer for Rock is available to watch below. Rock Howard was the star of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, one of the greatest fighting games of all-time, back in the 90s. He also made an appearance in the Capcom vs. SNK games in the early 2000s as well. All four DLC characters for The King of Fighters XIV will be available to buy on April 5th. New stages are also out then for free too. The game has seen balance patches and a visual upgrade in recent months and new DLC characters will reignite the community especially for tournaments the rest of the year. As for what's next for SNK besides more Neo-Geo games on PS4, Xbox One and Switch, who knows. However it's been great to see them back in the fold with King of Fighters XIV and hopefully more new fighting games in the future.


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