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Lars Von Trier Returns to Television

"Director Lars Von Trier Begins Development of New TV Series"
Infamous Danish director Lars Von Trier is set to make a return to television for the first time since his 1994 series, The Kingdom. Known for his beautifully stylistic films, Von Trier is set to write and direct the new series tentatively called, The House that Jack Built. Another in an ever-growing population of high-end television dramas, Von Trier will no doubt bring his immense talent and penchant for the bizarre and controversial to the new series. Lars Von Trier Lars Von Trier is most well known for his work on MelancholiaDancer in the Dark, and the two-part Nymphomaniac. Dark and brooding, Von Trier's art house film are derisive among viewers for their darkly menacing characters and subject matter. With his most recent project, Nymphomaniac, Von Trier pushed the boundaries of good taste and sexual deviance with is intimate look inside the mind of a sufferer of the condition. Completely explicit in its depictions of the erotic and violent stories, the film confronts its subject matter head on. Usually leaning towards the fringe of cinema art-house, Von Trier's deeply woven themes and heavy use of visual metaphor will be interesting to see taken to the small screen. Lars Von Trier His 1994 series, The Kingdom was a mix between a soap opera and a horror film, and garnered much international acclaim. Spawning the less-successful ABC series, Kingdom Hospital, Von Trier's word seemed to be too much for American audiences. Modern audiences could be more ready for the series given the proliferation of adult-oriented dramas on channels with fewer censorship rules. Set to begin working on a script this fall and to begin shooting in 2016, Von Trier's series will most certainly be interesting, and will almost definitely cause a buzz.


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