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Last Minute TV Shows Cancellations and Renewals

This week in New York, the major broadcast networks are announcing their fall primetime schedules to advertisers in order to sell TV commercial airtime "up front." These are the very publicized broadcast networks upfronts, and although the big events started yesterday with NBC, the most dramatic ones took place last week with networks unveiling new series pickups and last-minute cancellations.

Fox renewed Touch (with Kiefer Sutherland) and canceled Alcatraz and The Finder. The two shows became easy targets when they couldn't hold on to their audience.

ABC renewed 10 scripted shows and canceled GCB, The River, Missing, and Pan Am.

The CW renewed 3 scripted series and canceled Ringer (with Sarah Michelle Gellar) and The Secret Circle.

NBC canceled Are You There Chelsea, Best Friends Forever, Bent, and Awake. The peacock network also renewed The Office, Parks & Recreation and fan-favorite Community.

CBS renewed CSI: NY while pulling the plug on veteran CSI: Miami and the freshman programs Unforgettable, Rob and NYC 22.


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