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Last Resort – Controlled Flight Into Terrain Review : A Reflection of the Series

Last Resort’s series finale Controlled Flight Into Terrain was a faithful reflection of the show. It featured a few moments of brilliance lost in mostly irritating melodrama. In spite of its shortcomings, the finale very effectively used a cliché, touched a chord with its examination of service and duty, and brought some of its characters exactly where they needed to be.

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Syfy Cancels Alphas

Syfy will not be renewing its sci-fi series Alphas for a third season. Produced by BermanBraun and Universal Cable Productions, the series created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow centered on a team of people with superpowers led by David Strathairn’s Dr Rosen.

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Fox Breaks with Tradition in ‘The Following’ Promos

A revolution, or at least a serious shift in what was thought to be a hardline stance, has just happened without much fanfare. Over the past couple of weeks, Fox has been promoting its new show The Following with commercials that all included the injunction “Set Your DVR Now!”

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Fringe – Liberty/An Enemy of Fate Review: A Satisfying End to a Fascinating Journey

In the back-to-back episodes that served as series finale for Fringe, the overarching story circled back to itself, revisiting the past and using it to explore the show’s perennial themes of love and fatherhood. Also woven into the fabric of the story were emotional reminders of what each character stood for over the past four years. All that was laid out in the finale before a breathtaking roller coaster to a satisfying ending.

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Last Resort – The Pointy End of the Spear Review: More Drama than Substance

The Pointy End of the Spear had an appealing sense of symmetry because of the similarity between the mutiny on the island and the threat to the U.S. democracy in the American capital. The two parallel chains of events were essentially attempts at coup each unfolding with a formal gathering as backdrop. Unfortunately, the show chose the easy way out, preserving the U.S. democracy that should never have been threatened in the first place.

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