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Latest Killer Instinct Trailer Features Orchid & Another Returning Charcter

Double Helix Games, developers of the new Killer Instinct, released a new trailer today featuring the return of one of the franchise's most beloved characters, Orchid. After being teased in the combo trailer for Sadira, Orchid is back and better than ever with her signature moves intact from the past two games.

Her stage takes place in a nearly destroyed urbanized building as helicopters are shooting the place down as if you're in a middle of a Battlefield/Call of Duty-like battle. The new trailer featuring a new theme song that fits her character like the first two games is available to watch below.

The trailer that was first debuted on IGN earlier this afternoon also teases another returning character from the previous games and since today is Halloween, it is no surprise that it is the skeleton-like swordsman Spinal. We'll see more of Spinal in the upcoming weeks as Killer Instinct will be released as a digital download only for the Xbox One on November 22nd.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of editions for this game when it comes out as there is a free to play version with a rotating free character, a $20 edition with all eight playable characters, a $40 edition that also includes the original arcade version and extra content for the new game, and a $60 "Pin Ultimate" edition only available at the Microsoft Store.


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