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Lionsgate is possibly doing a Dredd Sequel

2000 A.D. fans  have been clamoring over the idea of a Dredd sequel and there just might be hope at the end of the tunnel. Pete Travis' film reboot of the character of Judge Dredd was one of the strongest comic book films of recent years, that fell victim to box office failure. While this would certainly spell out certain doom for any actual plans for a sequel, Dredd star Karl Urban states that there might be hope after all. Dredd_02   Slash Film and What Culture report that while at a Star Trek convention, Urban had mentioned that both Travis and writer Alex Garland were in talks to Lionsgate about a proper sequel being made. Due to the overwhelming response to home video and digital sales, Lionsgate thought that it might be capitalize on the franchise after all. Garland had wrote the first Dredd film, with it being the first part of a proposed trilogy, where the second and third films would explore Mega-City One and the overall world of Dredd. While its still a long shot, its still nice to hear that there are conversations being had about the project and here's hoping that a Dredd sequel has the chance to see the light of day. How do you feel about a Dredd sequel? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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