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Live With Entertainment Fuse: Strider (PS4) & Titanfall Beta (PC)

The new Strider by Capcom and Double Helix Games was just released today by for a slew of consoles as we will be streaming the PS4 version later today. We are a bit hampered by the time PSN updates and download times, but we are scheduling to go live around 4:30p.m MST later today and will let you guys know if that time somehow changes. Come join Josh as he goes through the ropes of the long awaited return of Strider and see if it has been worth the wait.
As for our Titanfall stream, you may have noticed that this was scheduled to go up yesterday night! Unfortunately, between technical issues and mother nature herself, we were unable to keep the stream going for more than a few minutes and we would like to make that up to you! At 10:00pm EST, we will have a redo of our Titanfall stream that was cut short last night. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you'll join Tom and Josh on taking an extensive look on Titanfall.
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