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Lollipop Chainsaw has retailer pre-order skins

Continuing with the oh-so-wonderful (yes that was sarcasm) trend of retailer specific pre-order bonuses; Lollipop Chainsaw is now joining what seems like most other studios in making extra game content exclusive to wherever you purchase from.

Though thankfully in this case it's merely alternate outfits for the games protagonist Juliet its still the kind of modern business practice that irks me.   Nonetheless if you'd care to know what you'll be getting if you plan on buying Suda 51's next game here's what skins will be available from where and a video showcasing them too:
  • Amazon: Rockabilly outfit.
  • Best Buy: Golden Foxy Funk and Goth Girl outfits.
  • GameStop: Evil Dead Ash outfit.


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