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Longest Movie ever has 72 minute Trailer

Please do not be confused by the run time displayed on the video. The 72 minute marker and the moniker “short teaser” are labeled correctly. As reported on The Film Stage, filmmaker Anders Weberg has released the teaser trailer for his upcoming film Ambiancé on Vimeo. The description call his latest project a ‘film memoir’ that is an “abstract nonlinear narrative summary of the artist’s time spent with the moving image.” The filmmaker proclaims that Ambience will be 720 HOURS long- that is 30 days- and it will be his last film. To up the stakes, Weberg plans to project the film in locations all around the world at the same time, after which the film will be destroyed. "Why?, " you may be asking. Why not? This is art after all. Leave it to the Europeans to test the limits of filmgoer’s ability to sit still in one place. That is, of course, if we forget one famous American pop artist who went by the name of Andy Warhol. His 8-hour movie is one continuous slow motion take of the Empire State Building, aptly named Empire. Back in the humble days of 1964, experimental films knew when to show restraint. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but if you’re patient and in New York, it does get screened every here and there in its entirety. As for Ambiancé, anyone daring enough to sign up for the experiment will have to wait until 2020. Weberg is still producing his epically-proportioned film. However, in the meantime you can satiate your palate with the above teaser,  7 hour 20 minute and the 72 hour trailers slated to be released in 2016 and 2018 respectively. For the rest of us mildmannered filmgoers, why not enjoy the new Ridley Scott trailer:  


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