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How to Make Titanfall Better Than Ever

There is no doubt that Titanfall is one of the most intense and enthralling multiplayer experiences out there despite the controversial “lack” of content. The so-called campaign is no more than a glorified playlist of maps and modes with a bit more backstory and dialogue. Forutnately, once you begin to play, these complaints slowly dissipate due to the amount of absurd feats and water-cooler moments you are pulling off every second of every match. With the season pass already available and new maps just around the corner (hopefully) there are certainly a few things we would like to see added to make crushing puny pilots in your metal hands just that much better.
More Weapons
Titanfall boasts a decent roster of deadly weapons for both man and machine. These tend to stay in the standard fare zone however and I’d be nice to see them take a more creative approach especially to the pilots, even if they were iterative of the Titan’s savage arsenal. Give us a smaller arc cannon to electrocute multiple foes at once or maybe even a minigun that is anti-personal as well as anti-titan all in one destructive package. Also a bit more variability in what they already have would be excellent and go a long way. You like using shotguns in games? You have the exciting choice of one in Titanfall. More akin to using assault rifles to take down your foes? Well we have one that is automatic and one that is burst, enjoy! Given the weapons themselves feel great as well as balanced, but having a larger arsenal to pick from is never a bad thing. There are plenty of options available to make shooting dudes and their giant robots more enjoyable and hopefully Respawn beefs up our weapons locker in future updates.

More Perks and Gadgets
No, they aren’t really called perks but c’mon, we know they are perks. Some of the options at your disposal are just not that exciting or helpful. Sure, having my titans dome shield last a bit longer proves to be of some use but only at the beginning of its life. One of the abilities in the Tier 2 kit lets you hack heavy gun turrets and spectres faster, even though these are already actions that take no more than three seconds to accomplish. In fact, looking through the list of kits available, only two or three really stand out as must have items that deserve their own custom pilot to be built around. Then there is the Tactical Ability slot which arguably contains the most valuable powers at your disposal. Cloak, stim (enhanced speed and healing) and active radar (see through walls) are all excellent skills but that’s all there is to offer. For a game built around speed and movement I would have loved to seen an attribute that gives me a permanent boost in movement, maybe the ability to double jump higher or even move quicker while climbing.

More Game Modes
It is an achievement to say that Titanfall feels pretty new and fresh despite its rather lackluster array of game modes. Last Titan Standing is really the only unique mode to the game and other than that we have four very familiar modes and one that just jumbles them all in one package. More notably, two of the modes, Attrition and Pilot Hunter, are exactly the same team deathmatch just the scoring varies a bit. Give us more! They don’t need to be entirely original either, Battlefield has a great selection of modes that would translate exceptionally well in Titanfall. Obliteration mode in Battlefield consists of a neutral bomb being transported to enemy points and defending them until it explodes, then a new bomb appears and the vicious circle starts again. It would work great with the titans being involved as well as a simple attack and defend mode where one team desperately defends two separate points from the enemy team. If I had to complain where the lack of content shined I would definitely be pointing my finger in this category and hope new modes can be patched in at a later date.

Bonus Round: Exoskeleton
Now this is something I don’t expect to see but I thought I would toss in and maybe, just maybe this will somehow come to fruition. As far as titans go, they pretty much got everything covered and there isn’t much more to do other than making titans bigger and slower or smaller and faster. However, if you throw some sort of exoskeleton into the mix I think that could really change how people play. Picture this for a moment, instead of having the massive killing machines that are the titans, you call down a pod with a suit that looks something like a spectre but fits the occupancy of one pilot. With this suit you have access to all locations of a map which obviously isn’t possible with titans because they cannot jump nor fit into those little holes in buildings we call doors. The suit could give you a mounted weapon and extra armor, making you in some ways a walking tank and a force to be reckoned with. With all this armor though leaves you at a mobility disadvantage, taking away your ability to wall run and overall just moving slower and more cumbersome. I understand that this breaks the core of the action Respawn spent so much time fine tuning, but it offers an option to those who don’t necessarily care about the parkour stuff. I’ve seen plenty of players who hardly take advantage of the movement and just stick with ground combat as much as possible. Can’t say I am one of those people but it could be an enjoyable divergence from the standard gameplay.

We unfortunately have no way of knowing what will be  tacked on with the three map packs releasing with the season pass, it is completely possible we will see four maps in each one and that’s it, no other additions. But with the somewhat lukewarm response to the campaign and fan uproar of the value proposition, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these things added with the new map packs. Titanfall is an excellent game without these improvements but it can be so much more with them, so let's hope they make an appearance as the maps slowly start to roll out later this year.


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