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Mark Millar to End Franchise with Kick-Ass 3

Writer Mark Millar recently sat down with Jeffrey Renaud over at Comic Book Resources to talk about ending his kick ass Kick-Ass franchise with the title's upcoming third volume. The final act of this saga deals with protag Dave Lizewski realizing he doesn't need the persona of Kick-Ass anymore, but the world may have different plans. With the confirmed reappearences of Hit Girl and Red Mist, Millar promises to put a definitive end on the whole series. Does that mean Kick-Ass dies? Do they all die? Is this a parable for man's unending need to consume despite the chaos it causes to the surroundings he so vitally depends on? Millar was vague on all counts.

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In the interview Millar talks about Dave's aforementioned journey into living without the mask:

"[Kick-Ass was] about a kid whose mum has died and he's not really that enchanted with the real world. He's become absorbed in this fantasy world of comics but he's taken it to the next level and gets dressed up as these characters.

And "Kick-Ass 3" is the moment where he says, "Hang on. This is a bit weird." He suddenly thinks, "I love doing good and everything, but I've met this girl and real life is becoming all right." He questions, does he really need to be Kick-Ass anymore?"

Millar later goes on to confirm the return of Red Mist, a.k.a The Mother Fucker.

"He actually has quite a big role. It's funny -- he wasn't in it originally, because I was going to kill him off at the end of "Kick-Ass 2." I'll be honest, I think it was the movie that saved him and made us really love that character. We've become so friendly with Chris Mintz-Plasse and the idea of the finale without him seemed absurd. Normally, the movies don't inform what you do in a book because you would drive yourself crazy if you were working like that, but I actually thought, he needs a true ending to his story, too. All the other characters get a proper ending, and I've got a really, really good ending for his character, which I wrote about two weeks ago. And it all makes sense. It all ties up really, really well."

Kick-Ass 3 Preview PageFind the full preview here.

Speaking on the future of the franchise, Millar was ominously vague. For those "main characters die" theorists among you, you might want to sit down because some of these quotes might bring your whole yarn-on-pins-stuck-to-news-clippings-in-your-bedroom deal to a mighty close.

"I've had the idea for a while about doing a Big Daddy and Hit Girl five-issue series, exploring Mindy's origin, but I've managed to get quite a bit of it into "Kick-Ass 3." I love doing those flashbacks. Through "Kick-Ass" and "Kick-Ass 2," there were lots of fun little flashbacks with Big Daddy training her.

..."Kick-Ass 3" is definitely the end of everybody's story, but there is always the potential for that fifth book, and it would definitely, definitely be a prequel."

Prequel doesn't sound good for the outcome of characters, both for Kick-Ass' crew, Justice Forever, and their enemies, the Toxic Mega-Cunts. However, lets put down that yarn and not pass judgement just yet. Who knows? Maybe they all just learn to set aside their differences and learn to work together, doing volunteer work and giving back to the community.

Find out for yourself when Kick-Ass 3 #1 goes on sale June 5.


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