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Marvel has 8,000 Heroes Waiting for a Movie

Back in 2008, Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. hit the big screen. The superhero movie was wildly successful, following suit with past superhero-hits Spider-Man (2002) and Batman Begins (2005). For most audiences, Iron Man was just another movie weekend adventure. What they didn't know is they had unwittingly signed up to see Marvel superhero films for the rest of their lives.


Bloomberg Bussinessweek is reporting that, according to Marvel president Kevin Feige, more than 8,000 characters from the Marvel universe have been singled out for possible stand-alone films. The discovery was made during Disney’s acquisition of Marvel. Disney’s own Bob Iger, hoping to properly asses the financial worth of Marvel, had lowly interns comb through Marvel comics and count the characters. Luckily, Iger knew Disney’s $4 billion dollars and his intern’s valuable time had not been wasted when The Avengers became a certified box-office hit.

Now, Marvel has action hero films lined up for eternities. Diehard fans need only wait patiently for their favorite character to get the Hollywood treatment. Me personally? I’m rooting for a Squirrel Girl movie before The Great Lakes Avengers becomes a movie too.




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