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Marvel Characters We Want to See in Spider-Man Reboot

With news of Marvel characters appearing in Sony's newest Spider-Man reboot comes the inevitable question of who. In all honesty, it's going to be some heavy hitters from the current MCU. Iron Man? Probably. Maybe Hawkeye. Ugh. They actually have, what, 30 characters to choose from? They don't have lack of possibility. But this is the Internet and here we have the Stan Lee given right to make outlandish wishlists. This is one such list. What Marvel characters would we like to see in the Spider-Man reboot? Well... [caption id="attachment_81924" align="aligncenter" width="345"]stilts What if?[/caption]


I love the D-grade villains that Spider-Man puts away as a warm up. Maybe it was growing up with the Sam Raimi move tie-in games, but to me that was always Shocker. He's the perfect blend of goofy and actually menacing, like Marvel's version of Captain Cold. Since we're free of the origin story movie, we can start right in with Spider-Man. This would be perfect for a Shocker cameo. Have him at the very beginning, in the middle of a scheme, and BAM! Spider-Man arrives in the nick of time. Something something action is his reward. Shocker

Daredevil (Kinda)

Alright, for the record, I don't actually want Daredevil himself to show up. I think it'd be too weird, too niche. You'd do a disservice to the movie by artificially jamming too much "universe" inside. In my head, best case scenario, we could skate by it so well that those not in the know would never notice. Basically, Spider-Man is a street-level hero. Despite his recent Avengers membership, he has always been more at home foiling robberies and animal-themed supercrime. He's just a kid from Queens, after all, he can't be out on alien planets all the time. Because of his local doings, he's always been close with the other street-level heroes like Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and especially Daredevil. It would really help build the world if there was mention, somewhere, of the other vigilante goings-on in New York. A "Devil of Hell's Kitchen" mention or a "that Punisher whackjob" throwaway, something. It helps to make the world feel bigger, offers some context, and gives the "SPIDER-MAN: MENACE?" headline that much more impact. These people have been besieged by vigilantes and now there's one more in a bright costume that can climb walls and throw cars. Of course some people would be terrified. daredevil

Eddie Brock

The Venom story line is inevitable. Sony's even tried -- may still be trying -- to make their own standalone Venom property. There's a lot of inherent drama in this story, a lot of stuff that could hit real hard. The problem is, for it to work, the characters need to be set up ahead of time. Lets just get it out of the way by having Eddie Brock in here from the get-go. I'm not saying Eddie has to be best pals with Pete, but he should be around. Have him be Pete's competition at The Bugle. He's definitely an ass, but it's also evident his life is kind of garbage. He doesn't have to have a huge part in the movie, just a few scenes. This way, we can develop a relationship over the course of the litany of movies. Maybe Brock and Parker begin to develop a kind of unspoken respect for each other. A tentative friendship. This makes it all the more gut-punchy when Pete gets infected by the symbiote and screws him over. It makes Brock's descent into a terrifying super-monster all that more understandable and tragic. eddie_brock


I'LL KEEP SUGGESTING IT UNTIL IT HAPPENS, MARVEL. stilts Who would you like to see back? Who don't you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.


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