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Marvel Will Not be at Comic-Con San Diego in 2015

"Director James Gunn lets Comic Con details slip in recent Q&A"
In a recent impromptu Q and A on Facebook, James Gunn (Guardians of the GalaxySlither) announced that Marvel Studios would not be attending the upcoming Comic-Con. After a question regarding his own presence at the convention, Gunn replied with the following: Marvel Comic Con Marvel Studios have not yet commented on Gunn's statement, but the director has seconded his statement, a bit more firmly, via Twitter. Marvel has used Comic-Con as a launch point for countless additions to its, ever-expanding, brand. With Ant-Man and The Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing later this year, and their own Hollywood event in October, Marvel has seemingly little to gain from making an appearance; and without the need to promote their product, Comic-Con is perhaps a waste of time for the studio giant. Simply because Marvel is not slated to make an appearance at Comic-Con, does not mean that their presence will not still be felt. Recent news regarding their partnership with Sony Entertainment (on the upcoming Spider-Man re-reboot) is reason enough to believe that Sony will perhaps use the upcoming convention to promote the merger, and beg for forgiveness with a shattered fan-base, left numb and saddened after Spider-Man 3 and the recent Amazing Spider-Man reboot. Marvel's parent, Disney, may also make the journey to promote any number of their upcoming Star Wars entries/spinoffs, in events that could rival Marvel at their best.


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