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Mass Effect 3’s ‘Operation: Overwatch’ Incorporates Earth DLC

To keep players interested in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, BioWare creates "Operations". Initiatives can focus on using specific classes or races, killing a designated amount of enemies, or receiving full extraction on a certain difficulty. Using particular maps may be required, as well. The last operation, Broadside, was a complete failure (you can't always expect to win!) and as an effect, extraction time during this week's operation will be increased.

Operation: Overwatch sets easier goals compared to the last few intiatives--who remembers when Banshees appeared in your game with any enemy? Squads will aim for at least one successful extraction on any difficulty (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum), and at least one player must be using an Earth Pack character (there are six available). The allied goal is to extract 800,000 players in total. As usual, the Commendation and Victory packs will be awarded based upon squad and allied success. In addition, this wekeend's challenge will grant a new Earth character hidden inside a Victory pack (I hope I get a N7 Shadow). 

Tips? Do not go guns blazing once it is time for extraction. Even though the countdown is visible and has been extended for this operation, you may realize too late that you only have 5 seconds to return to the extraction point!

Operation: OVERWATCH will be available July 27th beginning at 10AM PDT and will end July 30th at 5AM PDT.


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