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Max Payne 3 Crew System Coming to GTA5

In an interesting development regarding the multiplayer portion of long awaited shooter Max Payne 3, Rockstars Crew System will carry over in to GTA5.

The system itself functions similarly to how clans have long worked on PC. Whether you create a private (invite only) or public (anyone can join) crew your stats will be tracked through Rockstars internal network system Social Club that has been in use since GTA4.  The primary goal of the system, as with clans on PC is to maintain a consistent set of players people wish to be in regular game sessions with, also similarly to how a guild works in an MMO where people decide to spend most of their time with a group of familiar regular players as opposed to the usual jump online with randoms and hope for the best.

Where Rockstar is taking the system further is through vendettas and feuds which will function for both player verses player and crew specific scenarios.  A vendetta begins when a player kills you more than once in any online match and you chose to pursue them.  Should you manage to defeat them instead of the raw satisfaction every gamer usually gets an experience bonus will also be rewarded.  The player one seeks to take revenge on is also highlighted on your map making them easier to locate.  If you are in a feud with a rival crew and you come across two of their members or more online a skirmish will activate and the first crew to gain 10 kills will be declared winner and gain a yet unspecified bonus.  Rockstar claims this system will be carried over to all future titles they develop making for some interesting online in the future if people remain in the same Crews for that time.


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