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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Out In October

After previewing gameplay from a pre-alpha version of their latest Tolkien inspired action-adventure RGP back in January, Warner Bros has released a new story-line driven trailer which reveals the game's release date. Known as Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the upcoming title is set for an October 7th release and also now available for pre-order.
The trailer released today provides background context for the protagonists' circumstances and game setting. As a member of the Rangers of Gondor, garrisoned at the Black Gate; Talion is among those present when Sauron and his black captains spring forth from Mordor. The attack on the Black Gate annihilates the garrison of rangers including Talion's wife and son. Before Talion dies a curse is cast upon him possessing his body with a wraith that aside from empowering him with supernatural powers banishes the protagonist from death. Little else of the story is alluded to during the trailer but one aspect of the game's design becomes more clear; the open-world gameplay previewed back in January will play a crucial role in driving Talion and the wraith's quest to find whomever cast this curse upon them.
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is set to release on October 7th across the current and previous generations of Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as Windows-based PC platforms. Pre-order is available now which includes the Dark Ranger player skin and the Test of Power challenge mode.


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