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More DLC Incoming for Mass Effect 3

This past Friday at New York Comic-Con, BioWare officially announced the DLC we’ve all been waiting for: Omega. Coming November 27th, fans of the Mass Effect universe will be able to join up with Aria T’Loak as she wages war on Cerberus to gain back her precious planet filled with criminals, terrorists, and aggrieved persons.

Following the Invasion prequel comics, players will follow and join in on Aria’s retaking of the station from General Petrovsky’s control. In addition, we will get a first look at a female turian and new enemies, like the Cerberus Dragoon from the
Retaliation multiplayer pack.

The “Omega” DLC launches for PC, PlayStation 3 (November 28th for Europe), and Xbox 360 November 27th for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99. Omega will be the biggest and most expensive add-on to date says Michael Gamble, producer on the Mass Effect series.

I Am Omega

To add to the great news, and following the release of the newest multiplayer DLC Retaliation, BioWare announced the “Groundside Resistance” weapon pack. Seven additional weapons will be added to Commander Shepard’s armory in the single-player campaign. Such weapons include the “brand new” Venom Shotgun and Executioner Pistol, as well as the Kishock Harpoon Gun, Striker Assault Rifle, N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle, N7 Piranha Shotgun, and Acolyte Pistol. Basically, the Reapers are in for a major beatdown.

The Groundside Resistance pack is available on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and on Origin for $1.99 or 160 Microsoft/BioWare Points.



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