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Mortal Kombat X’s Latest Addition to the Roster is Quan Chi

"The NetherRealm's baddest sorcerer returns in Mortal Kombat X"
Ed Boon from NetherRealm Studios promised a new character announcement this week on his Twitter and today was the reveal. Another returning fighter is back for Mortal Kombat X is none other than the NetherRealm's baddest sorcerer Quan Chi. The trailer featuring his three fighting styles can be seen below.

The first style showed off was Sorcerer, which is more of a zoner-type style where Quan Chi can enhance his spells against his opponents. Warlock is perhaps the flashiest variation of the three where he can implement portals into his combos resulting in some nasty stuff. Lastly, Summoner has Quan Chi has a demon bat assisting for combos and setups that is similar to Zod's trait in Injustice: Gods Among Us.
Quan Chi's x-ray move and fatality are also teased at the end of the trailer. Out of the returning characters, I didn't expect Quan Chi right away, but expect the unexpected with NetherRealm Studios and Mortal Kombat X. Once again, his three fighting variations show how diverse your playstyle could be in the sequel depending on what you're comfortable with.
Mortal Kombat X comes out on April 14, 2015 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


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