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Murdered: Soul Suspect Announced for PS4/XONE

It seems you won't have to plug in your old PS3 or Xbox 360 to solve your own death when Murdered: Soul Suspect releases this June. Square-Enix has announced that the mystery thriller has expanded its launch to include both the Xbox One as well as the PlayStation 4 when the game comes out later this year.
While initially announced just for last gen consoles, it was recently previewed on Xbox Wire for Microsoft's new consoles giving us our first glimpse at the next gen version, but the Playstation 4 copy was still in question. Today Square-Enix has put that to rest, stating the game will run "native 1080p" on both next gen consoles.
Has this move by Square-Enix enticed more of you to pick up the brand new IP later this year? Until that time, take a look at the new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect, releasing for PS3, PS4, 360, XONE and PC later this year.


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